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As a kind of salve for WoW Classic SoD Gold the wound, kind of maybe intentionally or unintentionally, Blizzard has given free transfer of servers completely dead, as in virtually no one is playing on them, which isn't a viable solution since no one with a rational thought would want to join these servers. There is no way anyone who is aware of anything happening in the game would choose to join a server which is populated by this tiny number of players. I'm gonna throw them up on this screen. it's clear that no players are playing on these servers.

If you roll again or use an unpaid transfer on the servers, it's almost impossible to find a raiding guild to find an everyday heroic group to identify people to add to an arena squad. It's just completely a non viable option. To call it an answer at all isn't a good idea and a bit overboard for WOTLK Classic. There's no doubt that you could always pay for the transfer to a medium or high-POP server. But you're then required by Blizzard to pay for the solution to the issue in the first place. Blizzard let arise from the beginning. This is this entire server landscape, this baffling server landscape we've encountered over the last three years. See how to max the honor you can earn in WOTLK and learn how to get the honor cap.

On top of that you would likely leave your entire game's social community and network behind, and you'd be on a server where you're not interacting with anyone and you have no contacts. The main point of an MMO is the over years months you build attachments to the people the guild the group you're playing with regularly. Server transfers, particularly transfer of servers for free to empty servers, are an boring solution as I've mentioned in the past. In addition, getting some of the best gear in Cheap WoW SoD Gold the pre-patch process is simple.

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