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The Eternal Promise of Matching Ring Set For Couples

The Meaning of Engagement Rings and the Variation of Styles

A timeless symbol of love How to Choose an Engagement Ring - Exploring Its Significance as well as styles and materials.

The story of engagement rings is rich and long. They signify wedding vow and commitment. What is the reason for a ring? The ring's form, which is circular without a clear starting or ending is a universal symbol of everlasting love and dedication. The past was when it was believed that the ring's finger had direct ties to the heart, lining with the heart. That is the reason why the rings were traditionally worn on the left hand. In the Middle Ages women would be presented with a ring in exchange for a promise to marry by their fiances. It was considered unsuitable to use a piece of jewelry to decorate.

What's the significance of gifting an engagement ring for your partner? The engagement ring is a sign of a wedding to come and, in the traditional sense, it's given by a man to the partner.

The Significance Behind an Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is a date is set for when vows are made wedding promises. The right choice is always to pick a ring that is a reflection of the personality and tastes of the lady who will be receiving it. A bride, for example who is a fan of celebrating her wedding with simplicity, will certainly not appreciate jewelry that is too expensive, but may appreciate a more refined and elegant item. Etiquette stipulates that the ring should be given one year prior to the wedding date, though there is no definitive rule on this.

The Materials and Styles of Engagement Rings

In 1938, the De Beers Family as the top diamond industry and diamond industry, began a major marketing campaign. It was backed by Hollywood actresses and singers and singers, the campaign grew in popularity. Frances Gerety, a copywriter in 1948 was the one who coined "A diamond lasts forever" as the infamous slogan. This helped to solidify the tradition across the globe.

Make your mark with nothing other than a gold ring adorned with diamonds that is the Eternal Ring is made out of rose gold in 9k, and its curvature is external. It's a vibrant, symbolic representation of love that is pure and eternal. The rose gold color is increasingly associated with the concept of love and the sentiment isn't limited to younger women. It is more sophisticated and distinctive than white or yellow gold. It provides a hint of class and romance to jewelry. Some people prefer natural stones like quartz and amethyst instead of diamonds. Amethyst with its magnificent violet hue, symbolizes the purity of the soul Quartz is the symbol of life and vitality. Prasiolite is a mysterious green gemstone that has a mysterious and attractive. The meanings of these stones make it more appropriate to be a jewel of such importance. If your loved ones are fascinated by the wonder of natural stones you can select the 9 carat gold solitaire, which has a square stone cushion cut and "mosaic" faceting.

Traditionally where Do We Put An Engagement Ring?

Stemming from its profound value It is crucial to be aware of the place to wear the engagement ring. Etiquette in this regard follows an ancient tradition that links the location of the engagement ring to the band wedding rings. According to the tradition the engagement ring is to be worn through the wedding ceremony in the same way that the wedding ring (ring finger of the left hand) and then transferred to the ring finger in the right hand immediately prior to the wedding ceremony. The engagement ring must always be worn on the finger of the ring hand regardless whether it's on left or right handed. In the past there was a belief that the finger of this hand was linked to the heart by the "Vena Amoris" also known as the "Vein of Love". It is a widespread custom after the wedding has been held, to put both rings on the same hand on the left hand.

Now that you know the entire details about the significance of the engagement ring, all you have to do is to pick the best piece of jewelry for your lover from the Bronzallure shop. It will immortalize your strong love. The Eternelle collection is made up, in fact, of stones that are semi-precious and with a high symbolism, such as amethyst and topaz, as well as quartz and the mineral prasiolite. It is guaranteed that the choice you make is perfect because of its distinctive and original design. This ring is destined to last and leave a lasting impression.

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